Skilled Nursing
Our skilled practical and registered nurses will deliver a number of quality healthcare services which include:
  • Wound care,
  • post-surgical care,
  • disease management,
  • diabetes management, etc.
We make sure that proper procedure is done by professionals in providing catheter care, IV and respiratory treatments, infusion therapy, and others.
Physical Therapy
Our physical therapists offer services that include, but are not limited to:
  • Orthopedics,
  • pain management,
  • body mechanics,
  • education and training in the use of assistive devices,
  • improving range of motion,
  • muscle re-education,
  • sports rehabilitation therapy,
  • flexibility training,
  • aquatic (pool) therapy,
  • arthritis care,
  • back and neck care,
  • hand therapy,
  • pre- and post-surgery care.
Medical Care
Basic medical care that includes monitoring patients’ condition and administering medication. It focuses on controlling the pain and providing other necessary medical support.